Screen Calipers SDK

Control The Calipers From Any Application

For WindowsControl the Calipers From Any Application
Version 3.2 (and later) of the Screen Calipers for Windows adds the ability to fully control the Calipers from any other application. Using Microsoft's COM Automation you can open the Calipers from your application and set and get the current measurement and many more properties of the Calipers.

If you're working on an application that needs measurement functionality then using our free Software Development Kit (SDK) you can create a button within your application that opens the Calipers and retrieves the measurement. You can distribute your application and pass on the purchase cost of the Screen Calipers to your end-users, or become a reseller or an affiliate. You can also use the SDK for creating smart office documents or web pages that allow users to gather measurement data in spreadsheets or word documents.

which contains:
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6 example
  • Borland Delphi example
  • Microsoft Excel example Spreadsheet
  • Microsoft Word example Document
  • HTML Example for Internet Explorer (see below)

Enlarge image

The above screenshots are taken from the downloadable SDK. Note that Version 4.0 of the Calipers adds several new properties and methods.

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