Screen Calipers


Screen Caliper Examples
The Screen Calipers can be used with any application on your computer. The Calipers will float over any image that you want to measure, so you can easily read out the distance that you are looking for.

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Measuring Web Graphics
The Screen Calipers were created for designers to quickly measure on-screen distances. Here is a picture of the screen calipers in action as they were originally intended; to help graphic designers lay out web pages.

Computer Aided Design
Architects and Engineers have also made use of the Screen Calipers with CAD applications. Here is the Calipers in action again, this time measuring plans for a walkway between two buildings.

Screen Calipers And Your Favorite Application
The Screen Calipers can be used with even the most obscure application that you may have. If you're using a graphics program that doesn't include rulers then the Screen Calipers are invaluable. The example below shows the small skin which is included with the application for deatiled measurements.

Medical Uses
But that's not all that the calipers can be used for. As the Screen Calipers are a seperate application they can be used for any time you need to make a linear measurement on the screen. This is a screenshot of an orthodontist's cephalometric X-ray; the Screen Calipers are being used to check the measurements of patient's teeth.

Screen Caliper Comments
As useful as a paperclip

- Bryan at raremedium.com

I have a problem convinicing my optometrist about the distance between the center of my nose to each respective pupil. I broke my nose ski jumping some years back. I took a picture of my face, scanned it into the computer, used the caliper to show exact measurement (in units) of my pupil v. nose spacing ... to finally convince my doctor to take accurate measurements.

- Manfred

It is so good, I’m buying another for a friend.

- Eric Bass

Anyone can find uses for this besides just measuring graphics or photos. It would be useful in cheaper CAD programs or when you need a quick check on size of an object. Great for lining things up as well. Many more uses that one could come up with besides the above.

- Solilai at earthlink.net

This has to be the best program I ever downloaded. This is a perfect program to measure items on your html pages as well as other stuff. I use the program to align pictures on my site and to measure blank space on my site to make sure my pages always stay centered like I want them. This is shareware but can be used indefinitely for free with just a nag screen and a couple of disabled features. I still use 2.1 even though 2.2 is out. I just don't need the couple of new feature changes in 2.2. If you pay for the program you will get to use the custom tools and turn off the splash screen along with other measure types including a measure that will tell you how large an image will print from your printer. I like the free stuff and this is only one of 2 programs I have ever paid for that I did not have to. The other one was only 2.00. Every person with a website should have this one. Nothing else like this on the net.

- Oteotd

Your programs are absolutely outstanding. They are a must for every webdesigner.

- Hermann at chello.at

This is the type of program I have been waiting for. This thing is very cool with what it does, and it does it well. It is always on top but you can hide it off to the side of the screen. It Looks and works like a real calipers (but this is always accurate). You can change the color so it doesn't disappear with a conflicting background color and it has a micro adjust so you can get accurate measurements with whatever you are attempting to measure. It is quick and easy and it is a MUST with webpage designers.

- Huer at presscenter.com

This works great with Paintshop pro. I have always had trouble measuring objects using the grids and rulers. This make it much easier.

- Alcinoe

Music engraving is the typesetting of music - very much like DTP, but words are far more straightforward than musical notation, which is frankly somewhat of a pain to do on computer. The Calipers help me to standardize the spacing of certain musical notations such as dynamics, articulations, and pedal markings, as well as assist in the even spacing of measures of music across staff systems.

- David

I am using a weird vinyl cutting layout program for sign making that for some reason does not offer rulers. Your calipers compensate nicely. The inches x 4 is because I usually work with the layouts on a 25% zoom level.

- D Baxter.

I have the screen calipers as my constant friend throughout the day! I'd be sunk without them - they're just too useful.

- Rikki Ludlow

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