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Old Versions

Older Versions
We apologize but due to increased internet piracy we are no longer able to bring you version 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 of the Screen Calipers. If you are a registered user we encourage you to upgrade to version 3, and if you do require the version 2 installer then please contact us and we will be happy to provide it for you.
Screen Calipers Version 1.5
You may still download version 1.5 of the Screen Calipers. Version 1.5 sports an improved user interface from version 1.0, and fixes all bugs.

Download Version 1.5

Please note that to use version 1.5 you must enter your name and email address when the program first starts.
Screen Calipers Version 1
You can still download version 1 of the Screen Calipers. It's currently the only version that works on Windows 95, so that's pretty much the only reason for still keeping it here.

Download Old Version

Version 1 features:
You can change the colours, flip and nudge it around from the keyboard. The readout gives the absolute pixel distance that you are measuring. It runs on Windows NT/98/95/2000, and there's no setup, just unzip it, it's only 136K.

There are a couple of bugs in version 1:

BUG: The buttons appear to be half hanging off of the bottom of the Calipers.

FIX: Your system is set to 'Large Fonts'. If you set your system to 'Small Fonts' the buttons will be correctly aligned. Do this by Right-clicking the screen, hitting properties and selecting 'Small Fonts' in the drop down box under the 'Settings' tab.
This problem is fixed in Version 2.0 and higher.

BUG: Typing large numbers in the textbox doesn't work.

FIX: The Calipers recalculate the length every time a key is pressed. If you click in the textbox with the mouse after each keypress this problem will not occur.
This problem is fixed in Version 2.0 and higher.

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