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Screen Caliper Skins
Listed below are downloadable alternative interfaces for the Calipers. Click on the download link and follow the instructions to install.
If you are interested in making your own skin you are more than welcome. Please send your skin into Iconico and we will feature it on this page, giving you full bragging rights. Please follow the instructions in the skin How-to page.
Dot Ruler
The Dot Ruler skin is similar to our Screen Ruler skin, with one difference; the controls and readout are placed outside the ruler itself. This has the advantage the measurement is easier to read as the numbers stay horizontal while the ruler rotates.

Designer: Iconico
Another metamorphosis for the screen Calipers can be made by using the T-Square skin. Great for aligning large objects and measuring 90 degrees the T-Square is another handy skin that we'll sure that you'll find useful in different situations.

Designer: Iconico
Milky Neo
MilkyNeo is for Version 3 of the Calipers only, use this pearly white updated skin for crisp and clear measuring.

Designer: Iconico
Milky from Iconico is a pearly white and easy to read skin. Monochromatic and simple.

Designer: Iconico
Screen Ruler
The Screen Calipers skinning engine is flexible enough to turn your Caliper into a ruler. Use the ruler as a handy straight-edge on your desktop. You can extend the ruler by dragging the area where the measurement and icon are displayed. Note that the ruler isn't recommended for small measurements as it becomes unwieldy; for accurate measurements we recommend you keep with a standard Calipers skin.

Designer: Iconico
Compakt skin collection
Download the Compakt skin package. A highly usable skin which comes in the following flavors: White, Red, Mix, Light Gray, Green, Dark Gray and Blue.

Designer: Shawn Cunningham
CiNapze from Iconico is an 80's styled skin that uses transparent lines to allow you to see through it to the item that you're measuring. Put on some Devo and try it out.

Designer: Iconico
Xeria's clean and cool lines of this base skin rework fit perfectly with an engineer's toolset.

Designer: Koasati
Website: Koasati.net
If you've been a fan of the Screen Calipers since verison 1 you might well long for the original interface that the program shipped with. Version 3 users can download "classic" and still benefit from all of the version 3 features.

Designer: Iconico
Similar to the 'Classic' skin above - if you've been using version 2 of the Calipers for years and miss the old look and feel, but still want all of the new features of version 3, then this is the skin for you. Give 'Metal' a download and you'll be retro-measuring right away.

Designer: Iconico
PhuZe from Koasati is another neo-functional design. A good alternative to Xeria if you feel like a change

Designer: Koasati
Website: Koasati.net
This fantastically fruity skin completes the set from Fruity Design. Visit their site to skin your WinAmp and other tasty applications.

Designer: Daniel Brockman
Website: Fruity Design
Fruity design's lightweight skin. Especially useful for those with cluttered desktops.

Designer: Daniel Brockman
Website: Fruity Design
Our most minimal skin to date. The ThinMeasure skin has dispensed with the buttons so you'll have to remember those keyboard controls to move the Caliper around. You can also download "Thin" which is the same skin without the measurement panel - For the true minimalist, or "ThinMeasureSmall" with bars that don't extend over the height of the screen.

Designer: Iconico
The Lines skin has pointers that extend all the way across your monitor so measuring and aligning can be even easier.

Designer: Alphons Maas
A BeOS themed skin, made entirely in MSPaint just to see if it were possible!

Designer: WebGekko
Website: WebGekko
If you thought BeTiny was small then BeMini is almost not there. BeMini is for all those of you who've memorized the keyboard shortcuts or have super accurate mouse control.

Designer: WebGekko
Website: WebGekko
Concise Offset
If you are a fan of the default skin for version 4 of the Calipers, but want it to rotate around the point under the bar, and not in the center of the bar then this skin is for you.

Designer: Iconico
The Angular interface is designed in the same style as the program's splash screen.

Designer: Iconico
SkinBase has an innovative look and is also great to use. Skinbase's 'color lights' are a great feature that I'm sure we'll see being used again by other designers.

Designer: Shawn Cunningham
Podular skin collection
The 3 styles of the unique Podular skin shows off what can be done with the calipers. It's a unique look, and it works well!

Designer: Shawn Cunningham
Podular2 skin collection
Check out the latest Podular look, with these three new skins.

Designer: Shawn Cunningham
TSS - The unofficial skin of 'The Screen Savers' from TechTV.

Designer: Jay A. Grantham & Rusty Caufield
Website: http://www.WebsiteIC.com
Our first guest skin! This fun skin is built from a picture of Mat's charming wife. I'm sure she's thrilled by her latest incarnation.

Designer: Mat
Website: MatnKat.com
Ovoid is an experimental interface that collapses to an oval for short measurements.

Designer: Iconico
The Sketch interface was produced with pencil and paper.

Designer: Iconico

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