Screen Calipers

Customization to Measure Electrocardiograms (EKG, ECG) and more

Screen Caliper Customization
Many professionals in different fields are now using the Screen Calipers as an essential part of their daily software. If you own a business you may want to provide your customers, employees or users with a customized version of the Screen Calipers for your company.

Your customized Calipers will feature a new skin, designed by Iconico based on your specifications. The new skin can feature your company logo, or be produced to fit in with your software. You will also be provided with a standard zip installation file with your skin included.

If you want to control the Calipers from within another application, or retrive values to be used in an Office document or webpage, then have a look at our Calipers SDK. The SDK offers powerful features to control the Calipers in a variety of ways.
Standard Customization Package
  • Artwork and design consulting
  • Customized Skin featuring your logo, brand or design
  • Installation file
  • Ongoing support
Additional Customization
Iconico has successfully customized the Screen Calipers for many businesses and integrated the Screen Calipers into software packages. We provide technical support for making integration as seamless as possible.

Screen Calipers measuring an EKG

The medical profession has found a great use for the Calipers in measuring electrocardiogram (EKG, ECG) printouts accurately and effectively. Customized Screen Calipers are currently being used by the Simulation & Training Environment Lab (SiTEL) at Washington Hospital Center, and the NASPE Heart Rhythm Society. Above is a screenshot of the SiTEL Caliper calculating the number of heartbeats per minute in an electrocardiogram.

Update March 20 2006: We now offer a seperate electrocardiogram measurement tool called the Cardio Calipers specificatlly for EKG/ECG measurement.
The Next Step
For more information, and pricing details please contact us. Please leave a contact name and phone number.

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