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Upgrade to a new Version

Upgrade to Screen Calipers Version 3.3
If you're using an old version of the Screen Calipers then we urge you to upgrade to version 3.3. The latest version has many improvements, small and large, including:

  • Major Speed improvements and better transparency resolution without flicker
  • Undo functionality by pressing 'Z'
  • Double-click flipping from horizontal to vertical
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Great looking new skins
  • Improved keyboard controls using Ctrl and Shift to snap, extend, rotate and align
Download the latest version right now.
If you have version 3.0, 3.1 or 3.2 then simply install version 3.3 and follow the prompts. You will not have to re-enter your serial number.

If you've already purchased Version 2.0 or Version 2.1 of the Screen Calipers then please contact us for a new free serial number.

If you've downloaded extra skins then you will need to copy your skins to the new skin folder here C:/Program Files/Screen Calipers 3.3/skins.
All the major functions of the Calipers are free to use for an unlimited time. For the following additional features you must purchase a license.

  • Fully rotate the Calipers through 360 degrees.
  • Set the Transparency of the Calipers to make them see-through.
  • Additional units of measurement including inches and centimeters.
  • Define your own custom units of measurement.
  • Set Zero Point for measurements.
  • Use arithmetic calculations (+, -, * and /): for example type '*2' and the gap doubles.
  • Hide the Splash Screen when the program starts up.
If you'd like to find out more about the Calipers then there's lots to read, or you can jump in and Download the latest version right now.

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