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ColorPro Movies
ColorPro Watch our how-to movies and get up to speed on the expert ColorPro features.

ColorPro 2.0 movies:

Color Pro Presentation
Color Pro Selecting Colors
Color Pro Coloring WebSites
Color Selection Using Magnifier Window

ColorPro 1.0 movies:

    ColorPro Short Presentation - Part 1 - shows the ColorPro top menu as well as the Palettes and the Edit Palettes window.

    ColorPro Short Presentation - Part 2 - shows the ColorPro "new tab" screens: Web Page, File and Image.

    Handling Palettes - shows how to work with palettes in the 'Palettes' tab window.

    Handling ColorPro Default Palettes - shows how to work with ColorPro default palettes from the "System Palettes".

    Color Selection - shows how to select colors in ColorPro using the "Edit Palette" tab window.

    Color Palette Handling - shows how to handle the color palette: how to modify the color chips per row, color chip width/height etc.

    Color Editing - shows how to manually edit the color chips (as RGB or as HEX).

    Color History - shows how to work with the Color History list.

    Color Pickers - shows the color pickers used in the ColorPro application.

    The Web Page Tab Window - shows how to color a web page by using the mouse.

    The Web Page Tab Window - Element Selection - shows how to focus on a single web page HTML element when coloring.

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