Tips on Getting Started

ColorPicAfter you've installed the ColorPic you might be wondering how to get started picking colors. Use the tips below to get started selecting colors and use a few advanced features that you might not have know about too.
10 Tips on Getting Started Using the ColorPic
1. Grabbing Colors
To grab a color from the screen move your mouse and press the 'Ctrl' and 'G' keys on your keyboard. The selected color Chip will now have a checkmark in it. To un-grab a color just press 'Ctrl' and 'G' again.
2. Accurate Color Grabbing
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to nudge the mouse pointer by a single pixel.
3. Selecting Chips
Use your mouse, or use the function keys on the top of your keyboard, to select color chips in your palette.
4. Small Screen Problems
Use the blue up and down toggle buttons on each of the five sections to save screen space. You can also resize the ColorPic window from the bottom right.
5. Zoom In
Change the magnification factor with the slider above the magnifier area.
6. Smooth Color Samples
Use the point size slider above the magnification area to select a single, 3x3 or 5x5 pixel point size for smoother color sampling.
7. Websafe Colors
If your selected color is not websafe click the 'WebSnap' button to change the color to the nearest safe value.
8. Enter an Exact Color
Using the keyboard you can type an exact value in any of the color value textboxes, including the Hue, Saturation and Value textboxes.
9. Using the Color Mixers Precisely
When using any of the color mixers and sliders you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard and your mouse wheel to nudge the color by a single step.
10. Use a Color in another Application
To use the decimal or hexadecimal color values in another application click the corresponding 'Copy' button. Then in your other application you can use the paste command or ‘Ctrl + V’ to insert the color value.
You can also find full instructions on the ColorPic Homepage.

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