Create Palette Export Formats

What Are The ColorPro Palette Export Formats
ColorPro You can use ColorPro to create your own palette export formats which allow you to export any ColorPro palette to any text format that you define.
A palette export format is a simple text file which contains replaceable parameters such as RGB.RGB, RGB.R, CMYK.CMYK or CMYK.C (and many others).

When you export a ColorPro palette using a palette export format, the replaceable parameters found inside the palette export format are replaced with the information found in the exported palette. You can export one or more palettes using one or more palette export formats in one operation.
Palette Export Format Parameters
1. Using the Parameters
The palette export format parameters can be used inside or outside of a 'Repeater Section'.

A 'Repeater Section':
- and ends with 'END REPEATER SECTION'
The contents of a 'Repeater Section' will be repeated as many times as there are color chips inside the ColorPro palette. This ensures that the information for each color inside the palette can be exported using the palette export format of your choice.

Other remarks:
- you can have as many repeater sections as you like but a 'Repeater Section' inside another 'Repeater Section' is not supported.
- there is no limit on the size of the palette export format
- you can use the same parameter as many times as you want
- all the parameters can be used both in the registered and trial version but in the trial version some of the parameters will be enclosed with a 'TRIAL VERSION' text and a sequence of random characters. The following parameters can be used without restriction in the trial version: RGB.RGB, RGB.R, RGB.G, RGB.B, PALETTE.NAME, PALETTE.DESCRIPTION, PALETTE.GUID, PALETTE.DATE
- if you need other parameters to be included in the palette export format functionality then just let us know: by clicking here
2. Available Parameters
RGB.RGB is rendered as R,G,B
RGB.R is rendered as R
RGB.G is rendered as G
RGB.B is rendered as B
PALETTE.NAME is rendered as the palette name
PALETTE.DESCRIPTION is rendered as the palette description
PALETTE.GUID is rendered as the palette unique identifier
PALETTE.DATE is rendered as the palette creation date
HTML.RGB is rendered as R,G,B (in hex)
HTML.R is rendered as R (in hex)
HTML.G is rendered as G (in hex)
HTML.B is rendered as B (in hex)
WEBSAFE.RGB is rendered as R,G,B websafe (in hex)
WEBSAFE.R is rendered as R websafe (in hex)
WEBSAFE.G is rendered as G websafe (in hex)
WEBSAFE.B is rendered as B websafe (in hex)
CMYK.CMYK is rendered as C,M,Y,K
CMYK.C is rendered as C (from CMYK)
CMYK.M is rendered as M (from CMYK)
CMYK.Y is rendered as Y (from CMYK)
CMYK.K is rendered as K (from CMYK)
HSL.HSL is rendered as H,S,L
HSL.H is rendered as H (from HSL)
HSL.S is rendered as S (from HSL)
HSL.L is rendered as L (from HSL)
HSB.HSB is rendered as H,S,B (from HSB)
HSB.H is rendered as H (from HSB)
HSB.S is rendered as S (from HSB)
HSB.B is rendered as B (from HSB)
YUV.YUV is rendered as Y,U,V (from YUV)
YUV.Y is rendered as Y (from YUV)
YUV.U is rendered as U (from YUV)
YUV.V is rendered as V (from YUV)
COLORCHIP.WIDTH is rendered as the width of the color chip
COLORCHIP.HEIGHT is rendered as the height of the color chip
COLORCHIP.COUNT is rendered as the number of chips inside the palette
COLORCHIP.PERROW is rendered as the number of chips per row - this is used by ColorPro when arranging the color chips
COLORCHIP.NAME is rendered with the color chip name – usually this is the color name
COLORCHIP.TYPE is rendered as the color chip type: RGB or HEX – this is used by ColorPro when showing the color information of a color chip: RGB means ColorPro will show 255,255,255;HEX means ColorPro will show #FFFFFF
COLORCHIP.DESCRIPTION is rendered as the user description filled in by the user for this color chip
COLORCHIP.USERKEY is rendered as the user key filled in by the user for this color chip
PALETTE.ORIGINALFILENAME is rendered as the original file name of the palette
PALETTE.FILENAME is rendered as the current file name of the palette
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