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Software Reseller Program
By becoming part of the Iconico Software Reseller Program you'll be able to provide your customers with high quality Iconico software to suit their needs. Authorized Iconico Software Resellers are able to purchase products at a 25% discount for resale at a price that you fix. You'll also be able to bundle Iconico products as part of your custom solutions to fit you and your client's needs (based on our approval).

All of Iconico's software catalogue can be purchased by our resellers, we welcome you to review our Reseller Product Chart.
How to become a Reseller
We warmly welcome new members to our program, and we aim to encourage easy participation and incremental sales. Our goal is to assist you in generating additional revenue through reselling our products to your customers and clients.

To participate in the Software Reseller Program:
  1. Read and Print the Iconico Software Reseller Agreement.
  2. Fax the signed agreement to us.
After we receive your fax we will reply with a completed fax and issue you with a Reseller Coupon Code which you can use for purchasing.
Reseller Purchasing
After we have received and processed your completed and signed agreement you can begin immediately reselling Iconico Software products. By using our online store and entering the promotional code that we assign you on the second order page you can purchase serial numbers of our software products for your use as a reseller. By using this method you can purchase as many or as few items as you need, or even purchase on an on-demand basis with a fast turnaround.

As a reseller we encourage you to maintain the relationship with your clients, however should clients need our help or advice we are happy to provide it on your behalf.

If you have any questions please contact us and you will be contacted by a representative.
For information on how to publicize Iconico software please visit our press information page.
If you have a low volume, or run a heavily trafficked website you may also want to consider the benefits of becoming an affiliate, which enables you to simply direct your visitors to our website and pick up on 25% of every sale made by that visitor.

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