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Please consider changing the default for auto-refresh in Magnifier so that it is turned on on install. I am assuming it was defaulted to "off" for efficiency, but please consider my experience: I have been using Magnifier in tandem with Mioplanet's Pixel Ruler for the purpose of counting pixels on a web page I am developing. After spending an entire day trying to figure out why my pixel counts weren't achieving the expected results, I finally discovered that Magnifier was not reflecting the image accurately. It was not updating the magnified display after finite placement of the ruler and since I was looking at the ruler in the magnification window, my counts were off by 1 pixel. Over an entire page of measurements, those 1 pixels add up. I finally discovered the auto-refresh option, which solved the problem.

Each person who uses Magnifier will likely respond differently when asked whether they place more importance on efficiency or accuracy. Considering that the auto-refresh checkbox exists to make that choice, and that the perception new users will have is to expect that the magnifier exactly represents an area being pointed to, I believe that it is critical that Magnifier install with auto-refresh turned on.


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