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Sorry that you feel that the Screen Calipers are now 'bloated'. You can of course still get the older versions from here:

I agree with you that feature creep is an all too common problem in software development, however all of the features that have been added to the software have come from numerous requests and feedback from people who use the Calipers every day.

The main new feature in version 3 is rotation. I've recieved literally hundereds of emails asking for this feature and I can't imagine the software being better off without it. The configurable units that were added with version 2 were also a result of user input. Specifically could you list the unnecessary functionality and superfluous features & gadgets?

What's been attempted with the Screen Calipers is to create a single configurable tool that can accuratly measure anything on the screen. Version 3 of the Calipers does include a lot of features, I have tried to keep the menus clear and simple to use, falling into four main categories, allowing flexibility without overwhelming people with choice.

I do also offer the version 1 user interface as a skin which you can download here:

In all of the versiond of the Calipers I've tried to keep one point in mind which is that the software was originally released as freeware. Therefore all the original features from version 1 are still free to use for an unlimited time.


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