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I must apologise for going off half-cocked about "software bloat" in Screen Calipers 3.0, because when I downloaded and executed it my first impressions were unfavourably coloured by the flashy default skin with its seemingly excessive controls and by the horrid "trails" it left when dragged.

But after perusing the www.iconico.com website in more detail I can see now why such arcane users as tooth-measuring orthodontists might appreciate what had seemed to me a pointless new rotatability feature, and no doubt the other new features have their diehard fans.

I've also since discovered that Version 3.0 is more configurable (especially with a purchased licence) than I'd at first realised, with a choice of measuring units, calibration of "custom" units, selection of different skins, and hiding of (to me disagreeable) Color Bars.

But I still hate the "drag trails" (can they be toggled off?) and for my simple pixel-measuring needs I think I'll stick to Version 1.0 with its "classic" skin (it will come as no surprise that it's my favourite), so thanks for the link to earlier downloadable versions.


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