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What is the viability of you creating a unique instance of `fingerprint' on your server then you create a customized code snippet that I place on all pages of my web site. and if I had a custom version of the Fingerprint screen saver, that maps to that customized code snippet, I could see, in almost real time, where/when folks are clicking on my web site.

Would this be useful do you think?

Further more, could you set a cookie on the visitors machine so the fingerprints were color coded (perhaps a number) to a particular cookie/user, so I could follow click through paths.

Further more cold the finger print image be changed to something else say a small circle or square or a number that is tied to their click path: 1, 2, 3, etc.?

Perhaps this would be a useful idea/tool for website user testing; where in a testing environment users are given a task (find x on the web site or perform task y) then that progress can be remotely viewed on a remote computer. The only thing you would need to do is instead of viewing the results via screen saver, they could open a browser or application window to view the results.

In additon Can you tell me what powers you voting tool and Discussion forum or is it your custom code.

Let me know your thoughts,


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