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The "Screen Calipers" tool has been very useful in measuring ultrasound image data for many issues which were not measured, or not measured correctly, during image data acquisition.

However a major issue is that the relative magnification and scale utilized within the various images and perspective is constantly changing, though also displayed within each set of images. Therefor the appropriate pixel calibration appropriate to each set of images is constantly changing during a single study and also varies considerably from study to study.

The tedium and multiple steps required to reset the calibration of the "Screen Calipers" software tool makes resetting the calibration a recurring issue which the makes use of the "Screen Calipers" tool very difficult, time consuming. As a crude work around, we have created 40 custom calibration settings, in 2 pixel steps, to facilitate a bit faster adjustment of the "Screen Calipers" software. However, resetting quickly and verifying correct adjustment remains tedious.

A software improvement which could greatly improve the functionality and speed of use of "Screen Calipers" would be a separate small window showing a sliding calibration scale which could be selected to continuously display and used to rapidly adjust the calibration scale so as to adjust the "Screen Calipers" calibration to match the scale of the images currently being displayed.

The calibration scale window should ideally be (1) positionable, wherever appropriate for the user, on the desktop, (2) small in size (ideally adjustable size), (3) independent of the position of the "Screen Calipers" themselves and be (4) adjustable by either assignable keystroke control (for speed use by experienced users) or mouse (for new users), (5) to display an estimate of the current calibration within a range and (6) allow the user to select the calibration window display as (a) standard, (b) "always on top" or (c) auto-hide.


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