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My profound appology!  He's the issue hopefully better defined.  The "follow-mouse" function is infact working, that is...within the fixed borders of the app's little window as fixed into position on th screen.  What is really needed (as a selectable/switchable option) is to be able to have the ENTIRE magnifier app-window also follow the cursor around the screen.  ie: NOT have to go through a seperate process to re-position it to another fixed location.

It is this present aspect and functionality limit that is contibuting to anannoying clumbsiness in the ability to easily move the entire magnifier anywhere on the screen that it may be needed..at will with the cursor, and thus also without having the app often get itself reduced to the task bar because the cursor got moved outside the magnifiers "window area".

This is what my initial communications were hoping to bring to your attention.  Maybe you can find away to implement a "fix" for this issue in an update to the app.  It certainly would be well worth it and appreciated.  My ability to effective use this app does pretty much depend on this finding a fix.  I would also like to turn app on to some colleages of mine that are interested in the same, if I can.

Again my apology, for the misunderstanding,

Bests wishes,


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