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Go to irfanview.com and download IrfanView, the best free image viewer and work utility that exists, in my opinion. Don't forget to download and install the plugins AFTER you have installed irfanview. It will do captures along with just about anything you might want to do to images, along with being able to view videos and listen to music. In the case of screen captures, you can get just one, or establish a hot key and a folder and every time you hit the hot key it gives it the exact time as filename and puts it wherever you have told it to put it, and so you can grab caps from a video, for instance. Otherwise, if you have a very short mpg you can select 'Extract All Frames' and establish a folder, and all the frames of that whole clip will be saved as individual bitmaps.
What is better about it, as opposed to this Magnifier program, is that the capture is nearly instantaneous, and so you don't have to pause the video as you would have to do if using Magnifier.


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