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When you select a color in ColorPro please notice that the color will be added in the current palette which is the one from the "Edit Palette" tab (usually the palette will stay on the left side of the application window when you activate the "Edit Palette" tab but you can also move it at the top of the tab).

Here are the steps to select a color in ColorPro:
Step 1: Switch to the "Edit Palette" tab and check the "Select Frenzy" checkbox (this is to ensure that after every new color selection, the cursor will be moved to the next color chip)
Step 2: Open the Magnifier window by pressing the Magnifier button from the top button bar
Step 3: Check the "Pick" check box which is inside the Magnifier window 

Now you are ready to select the colors by clicking the mouse anywhere on your screen. To end the selection you must uncheck the "Pick" checkbox or close the Magnifier window.

Once you have a palette built this way you can press the "Save Palette" button which is inside the "Edit Palette" tab. After pressing the "Save Palette" button, the palette will be saved by ColorPro in the user palettes folder and will be shown in the "Palettes" tab in the "User Palettes" section. It will be there every time you open ColorPro. From there you can export it to your own built text format or to a predefined format (it even supports exporting to Adobe, HTML, CSS, Adobe and a few other application formats).

If you have any other questions, please let me know.


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