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Ok the instructions are pretty easy. You can drag the magnifier around the screen with the mouse and resize it from it's edges. When the mouse is over the Magnifier you will see the little toolbar.

Hi-Lite hilights the central square, you can change the color of the hilight by clicking on the color chip next to the Hi-Lite checkbox.

Grid shows a grid on the magnifier, you can change the color of the grid by clicking on the color chip next to the Grid checkbox.

The small slider will enable you to change the magnifiaction factor.

Follow Mouse will tell the magnifier to magnify what's under the mouse, otherwize it magnify what's under the magnifier.

Auto Refresh will continually refresh the magnifier, otherwize it will only refresh when the mouse is moved.

Smooth will smooth the magnifiecation area pixels.

On Top will force th magnifier to be above all other windows.

Capture will start a countdown process to save the area within the magnifier as an image file.

I hope that helps.


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