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You can do the following, please notice this picture:

So, you would need to define a new measurement unit using Live Calibration (or manually) and then select the newly created measurement unit to be the current unit (the active unit). To select it, right click the canvas, select Calibrate Units at the top and then in the sub-menu select the unit you just defined. This will make it the active unit. Then when you select half the distance you will see that half of the unit's value is reported.

The application only shows the measured distance as one value, I mean it cannot show 12' 6'', it would have to be one value.

The application allows scaling of the measured values in the sense that all measurement values shown can be multiplied or divided by any value you want to, notice the Multiply Factor text box at the top left. It always multiplies but you can simulate a division by putting something less than 1 (for example 0.5).


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