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You can create the 2 concentric empty circles in Screen Shapes and Controls but every time you modify the position or the size you would need to make them concentric again.

We do have another application called Points On A Canvas here:
in which you can draw two concentric circles and modify their size and position while keeping them concentric, please notice this image showing how this is done:
In Points On A Canvas a circle can be defined by two points (one for the center and the other for the radius) which you can drag around the canvas. To move the center points you would need to select them using the Movement Controller window and then use the arrows to move them around the canvas in the same time. Dragging them will only drag one point at a time.

Regarding the import of images: you can put an image as the background image for any shape but you cannot import shapes from other programs. If you need new shapes created, you would need to create them using the "Create Shapes" tab inside the application.


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