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Sure, will add these over the next few days. Should have the update before the end of this coming week with the following remarks:
- Sorry I missed the 'Preview Palette' check box.
- the 'Hi-Lite' Color can already be set in the Settings window (ColorPro Behavior tab).
- There are only two more settings in the Edit Palettes tab which could be remembered: that is the position of the palette: vertical or horizontal and the width (if palette is vertical) or height (if palette is horizontal) of the splitter (the control which allows modifying the size of the section which contains the palette). The Color History area cannot be modified by itself because it is actually dependent on the position of this splitter control.

Let me know if you see other settings which could be remembered.

The application should have started maximized only once when you installed version 2.6. After that it should remember the state of the main window , position and size before you quit the application (Normal, Maximized).


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