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Each day begins with a cup of coffee. That strong aroma of a freshly opened tin of roasted beans really perks me up and helps me face the day. No matter what stresses or obstacles I face, no matter how many awful things happen, or how many atrocities are committed around the globe, that roasty, beany, smelly smell of greasy, roasted, smelly, coffee beans seems to pimp-slap all the cares right off my big fat face. Nothing in this cruel and senseless universe can keep me down when I have my boiling hot pot of highly caffeinated hot bean water smelling up my whole apartment. I put my nose right in the tin, as close to the beans as I can, and then I snort as hard as I can for at least 20 minutes each morning. Nothing gets to me for the rest of the day with a nose full of greasy bean dust... nothing except magnifier, how to uninstall?


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