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Here are the changes implemented in Clipstory 1.1:

- changed the way the trial version handles the text/html items: they are trimmed instead of ignored. The limitation is set to 77 characters for text/html items.

- changed the trial maximum size for the image clips to 4 Megabytes. (Print Screens images are well under this limit).

- changed the trial maximum size for the Audio clips to 40 Megabytes.

- changed the trial maximum size for the Binary data to 4 Megabytes.

- changed the trial maximum size for the File Drop Clips to Unlimited.

- the application now stores/handles HTML clips in the Clipboard History section.

- the listeners section now handles HTML clips. This way users can surf to any
web page, select it (CTRL+A) then copy it (CTRL+C) and Clipstory will make a file copy of that web page somewhere on your hard drive (depending where you defined in the HTML Listener definition)

- added an option to allow or not reading HTML clips from web pages.

- Clipboard History section can now hide Horizontally allowing more space for the
view section for the Clips (images can now be seen on a bigger scale since there is more space).


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