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For backup reasons i need to save my emails and attachments regularly to a folder. To be able to process them easily even from a computer that has no or a different email-client installed i would like to use a common format for the email-body (.html, .rtf, .txt). On the first sight EMail Extractor 2.5 seemed to be a good tool to solve my problem. But i found some difficulties...
My choice of format was "email body text" which is ok for further processing. In a second pass i changed that setting to "attached files" to get the attachments saved.

While testing i was not able to keep track of which extracted attachment-file belongs to which extracted email body-text.
Is there a possibility i did not find?
I found the body-files are all automatically numbered (e.g 123 test@mail.com), but the attachment-files have no numbering and to find out which attachment belongs to which body is quite difficult. Is there a possibility to get the body-number in front of the attachment?

Btw. for ordering purpose it would be usefull to have leading zeros in front of the numbers of the extracted files (e.g. 009 test@mail.com instead of 9 test@mail.com), this would allow a correct ascending or descending order of the files.

Is there a way to extract email-body and attachments in one pass? I just found the way to change settings.

Any suggestions are welcome ;-)


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