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Software is more than just a bunch of numbers talking to a computer. Software is a bond of trust between the engineer and the consumer. In this light, Magnifier fails in no uncertain terms.

If my computer is like my house, and the system software is the interior amenities, then installing another piece of software is like installing a toilet. The installer program is like a workman who I have tasked with the manual labor. When I tasked Micro Soft with installing my interior I naturally assumed the toilet would be installed. But Magnifier is like a toilet in the living room. Now the workman has returned home and sent my money to his family in the South Americas and I cannot remove this toilet from my living room. This is a violation of trust.

I cannot fathom how a man such as yourself can look himself in the mirror. Maybe you do not have to. Maybe you prefer your toilet in the living room where there are no mirrors to reflect your guilt back onto your unthinkable face. For sir, that is the world you have created at Micro Soft: An upside down computer world of toilets in the living room. I expect in the future men like you will be put in prison for your shady craftsmanship and illegitimate business practices.

It should not be on my head to remove this inappropriate soft ware any more than it should be my responsibility to remove the ill-placed toilet that has been smelling up my den for the last 8 years. I expect Manuel to remove it and I expect a refund and an apology. Similarly I expect this Magnifer removed from my Vista program post haste and with immediateness.

There is still time to renew your soul sir and apologize to me, the public and to Jesus the Christ.


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