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Disabling the images is a good idea, in fact it should be a default setting in the software because no data you'd want to harvest is ever in any images, and with enough use the software really starts building up your temporary internet file cache with all the images stored which needs periodic deleting or you get gigs of useless data stored there. A good free app for removing these files is Crap Cleaner.

I'm still using Data Extractor to harvest ad URLs, but now using an old program called Email Spider to get the emails. Like DE, it will sometimes stall on certain URLs (still don't understand why), but within a couple of minutes it will continue on to the next one. It also lets you filter results so eg. no @craigslist.org emails are kept. Also the harvested data is automatically saved to your TXT file periodically as it harvests rather than having all the accumulated data kept strictly in memory. I've found because of that Data Extractor to be a real memory hog (I only have 512MB) and it can quickly gobble up most of it, making my PC become inordinately slow and necessitating a reboot. So anyways, just a few suggestions for making the software better. Great product in any case.


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