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The calibration of the Screen Calipers, and all our measurement tools, is based on the pixel. Nudging wit the arrow keys will move and extend the measurement by a single pixel. Holding Shift will extend by ten pixels.

This is done regardless of the calibration that the tool is set at, which is why you're seeing the behavior that you have at the moment. Currently there is no way to change this setting as we start to get into the realm of sub-pixel measurement, which is an area that we're investigating for future versions of the tools. Due to the nature of the computer screen being a grid of pixels this does create some idiosyncrasies.

There are a few other commands that you might want to try instead. Using the keyboard you can type any distance and the Calipers adjusts to that distance. You can also type "+0.0417" and then press "Enter" and the Calipers will adjust by that amount.

I hope that this answers your question, and explains the approach that we've taken with the calibration of the product.


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