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ColorPic iconOur Windows Color Picker tool has an inbuilt magnifier and allows you to save full palettes of colors.

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Naming colours


Very useful utility but I need to give each color a name - in the same way I can name a pallette. Can I do this in ColorPic? If not, is this possible in ColorPop?

I need this to be able to maintain a record of colors used in websites. It becomes too difficult without names as I lose track of which color is used where.
by Jane Doran on Feb 3 2007 1:05am Reply

Naming colours

Currently we don't have the functionality to name each particular color, but it might be something that we do in a future version. Thanks for the feedback.
by Nico Westerdale on Feb 3 2007 9:31am Reply

Naming colours

Thanks Nico for the reply. Think this would make it very useful to a webdeveloper and something I for one would be willing to pay for.

Because you can name pallettes in ColorPic you can create a separate one for each site or even more than one if necessary. Naming colours with a user-friendly tag eg "nav bar background" is all that is missing for the webdeveloper.

Even Dreamweaver has not got this cracked - the color asset manager which looks as though it could be used for this purpose is not good in practice as you cannot use hex format colors. It also has no color picker facility.

by Jane Doran on Feb 4 2007 7:20am Reply

Naming colours


I'd like this capability too.

Purhaps the name could be shown in place of the "Grab" text.
by Gary Wardell on Dec 19 2007 3:44pm Reply

Naming colours

I would apreciate to put name or code on colors. A tool like 'edit Chip' or 'edit pallete'. Also the number of chips for each pallete should be unlimited.
by jose ribeiro on Feb 7 2008 8:36pm Reply

Naming colours

Hi All,
We've just released ColorPro, a brand new applicaiton that takes ColorPic to the next level. You'll have much more palette control, the ability to name chips, plus a host of new features, check it out:

by Nico Westerdale on Jun 16 2009 1:45am Reply

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