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Screen Protractor iconWork with engineering plans or designs to measure degrees or radians on your screen.

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You might consider a "unit" selection that displays "Grade Percentage" which is a common norm used in road and railroar design, as well as work requirement related computations.
by Clark Adams on Mar 4 2007 8:45pm Reply

Additioal unit

Very interesting. How do you calculate a "Grade Percentage"?
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 4 2007 10:32pm Reply

Additional unit

Grade percentage:

For a distance traveled forward on level surface the grade would be 0%

However, if there is an increase in the vertical, then the grade increases. Correspondingly, if there is a decrease, grade decreases.

If forward distance is 100 units (let's say meters) and at the end of 100 units (meters) the elevation is increased by 10 units (meters) the grade is 10%.

Therefore a 60% grade is equil to a 27° angle.

A 100% grade is equal to a 45° angle.

This has value in that, as an increase in grade will require a related and proportional increase in power to accomplish the same work.

Many confuse grade percentage values with degrees of inclination.

This website may offer better clarification. http://en.wikipedia.org/w...28slope%29
by Clark Adams on Mar 5 2007 12:50pm Reply

Additional unit

Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately the Screen Protractor is only able to be configured for linear measurements. The grade example relies on the tangent of the angle, which is something we don't have the ability to measure yet. We'll keep this in mind for a future version, it's a good thing to have.
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 8 2007 5:55am Reply

Additional unit

Calculations relying on the tangent of an angle would also be helpful to calculate roof pitch. Which is something I would like to be able to do.

by Chris on Oct 2 2008 11:35am Reply

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