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Screen Calipers iconThe accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

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Jewelry appraising

I discoverd your Caliper software today, just as I needed it to finish an appraisal project that was giving my client and me some problems. I am a graduate gemologist appraiser and needed very precise measurements on a piece of jewelry's diamonds that I was appraising. Due to its mounting I was having a difficult time getting these precise measurements, at least until I was able to use your caliper program. With an enlarged image on the computer screen, it was a snap to get these measurement, thus calculating the carat weight ot the diamonds, which is what we needed.
It worked out fine and in a very short time. I will now use this program in all my measurements and calculations on all items that I will be appraising. Thanks for a great program.
by Ted Resnick on Mar 5 2007 9:22pm Reply

Jewelry appraising

Thanks for posting Ted, another great use for the software!
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 7 2007 5:17am Reply

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