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Can't get this working.....

I must be having a really dim day, but can't get this to work! I have the chip selected for grab and move my mouse about but wherever I have my pointer it is saying the hex is #070B46 which is a dark blue colour regardless of where the pointer is... I'm confused lol!
by Lisa on Mar 8 2007 4:13am Reply

Can't get this working.....

I'm confused too. The only thing I can think of is that you might be using Vista, we have not completed testing on Vista yet so there might be a few bugs.
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 8 2007 5:45am Reply

Can't get this working.....

Ok, after playing about with it a bit more I have found what the problem is!

The colour it is picking is the colour of the tip of my mouse pointer......If I could move the pick area one pixel to the left of my pointer I think I would be ok.... is there any way of doing this?
by Lisa on Mar 8 2007 6:11am Reply

Can't get this working.....

You could try using your keyboard arrow keys to nudge the mousepointer when ColorPic is selected.

You could also change the application that you are using, if you use it with PhotoShop their cursors sometimes interfeer when using the selection tools, but if you change to the move tool then it works fine.
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 8 2007 3:46pm Reply

Can't get this working.....

I also had this problem on Vista.
In my case it turned out to be the fault of the special Vista Aero mouse shadow effects.
I disabled all the special effects (Control Panel Personalization Mouse Pointers Pointers) and chose a plain mouse cursor.
That fixed the problem for me YMMV.
Hope that helps
by Alexi on Aug 2 2007 8:50am Reply

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