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Screen Protractor iconWork with engineering plans or designs to measure degrees or radians on your screen.

Posted in the Screen Protractor Forum.

how to determine skin size ( for SDK moveto )

using SDK imported type library

How can the skin bitmap width/height be determined
to accurately position the crosshair centre on screen
when using the .moveto procedure ?
( I want to position the protractor on a stock chart )

By trial and error I see that the default skin is 141x141
so subtracting 70 from the desired screen x and y works

I can see the IIconicoProtractor interface has a "skins" property, and the IIconicoProtractorSkins interface has a "SelectedSkin" property
and a "SkinFolder" property - do I have to figure out which skin
folder to read the .ini file from to get the "BaseRect" top,left,width,height ?

by paul barratt on May 15 2024 6:49am Reply

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