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Windows 98 SE Support

I see no mention of the latest version of Screen Calipers (version 3) being supported by Windows 98 SE. Are the calipers not going to be developed to work on the original version of Windows operating system for which it was first developed any more? Not every one is willing to support Microsoft's idea of giving them over a hundred dollars every year to upgrade; espceially when then changes are so small that they're ones that we can live without and the security gaps are getting bigger and far more dangerous for losing millions of dollars with each new version of Windows.
by Caliper User on Nov 16 2004 1:55pm Reply

Windows 98 SE Support

Thanks for the message, version 3 of the Calipers currently does not support Windows 98. This is due mainly to the fact that few of the Caliper downloads are for Win98.

I know that some of the features used in version 3 will not be supported for Windows 98, and currently there has been no investigation into whether it's feasable to offer a modified version 3. Over the comming weeks I hope to make time to do more investigation into what is technically possible.

I am sorry for the state of affairs at the moment, I hope that you still get contnued use out of version 2.2, which will still continue to be available for Win98 users.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 16 2004 2:43pm Reply

Windows 98 SE Support

I'm not real sure by what "due mainly to the fact that few of the Caliper downloads are for Win98" meant. I say this because how can downloads of the Caliper, for version 3, be for Win98 since it clearly shows that Win98 is not supported? In that case, of course there aren't as many downloads for Win98 because people don't usually download a program in which the minimum system requirements does not show that they run on Win98. In case the idea of the statement was to show that not so many downloads of version 2.2 for Win98 have happened it would seem that people wouldn't download an older version of the program to 'try before they buy' if the their operating system is not going to be supported in the long run. In any event, thanks for your reply, and I hope you do research the possible release of an concurrent version for older operating system versions; especially an operating system version that was targeted with the very first release of the original version of the Caliper. Thanks, again.
by Caliper User on Nov 16 2004 6:59pm Reply

Windows 98 SE Support

Just to clarify, I offer two seperate downloads of version 2.2, one for Windows 98, and one for windows 2000, XP etc. You an see this on the dowload page here:

By looking at my website logs I can determine that only about five percent of the downloads are for the Windows 98 version, which is why I thought it more important to release for Windows 2000 first rather than delay the release.

All the best,

by Nico Westerdale on Nov 17 2004 6:00pm Reply

Windows 98 SE Support

You'll be happy to know that a Windows 98 version has just been added. You may download it here:

by Nico Westerdale on Nov 18 2004 7:57am Reply

Windows 98 SE Support

i needed
by hooman sad on Dec 21 2008 5:24am Reply

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