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Hi All
I just down loaded Data Extractor but according to the extracton results there were over 5000 emails extracetd but i could only save 210!!

Are there any restrictions on the number of emails that cna be saved? even exporting, saving, copying is limited to the first 210 emails and now I feel cheated,

any advice?
by nick t on May 3 2007 12:25pm Reply


We don't limit the number of emails extracted at all. Are you sure you didn't click the remove duplicates button before saving?
by Nico Westerdale on May 4 2007 11:58am Reply


Hi yes i did but why would this result in only 210 saved emails from over 5000?
by nick t on May 9 2007 12:05pm Reply


Without seeing the exact details on what you were extracting I would not be able to tell. I suspect that you clicked the Remove Duplicates button which would result in the number of results being shortened as duplicates were found. Please let me know if this answers your questions.
by Nico Westerdale on May 9 2007 12:32pm Reply


Thanks for your help no it doeos not really answere my question I don't know how it can go from 5000 to 210 even if i remove the duplicates

Before I got the program I extrated over 6000 maually i just got tired of doing it the hard way
by nick on May 11 2007 12:57pm Reply


Could you post the exact details of where you are extracting from and what you are extracting and I will be able to look into the problem for you.
by Nico Westerdale on May 11 2007 1:29pm Reply


I am using the trial software and I can see that is only extracting 20 emails and I am certain that there are approximately 1000 including duplicates. Is this the restriction on the free trial version?
by Azzam Sheikh on Aug 15 2007 12:36pm Reply


Thanks for the response. I guess I need to be a little more patient.
However I notice it only extracted 60 email address when I am certain there is about 1000.

the url is h**p://www.extensions.joomla.org

please remove the two **
by Azzam sheikh on Aug 15 2007 1:47pm Reply

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