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ColorPic iconOur Windows Color Picker tool has an inbuilt magnifier and allows you to save full palettes of colors.

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What color is it? Colour checker...

I am colur blind and frequently work with graphs, spreadsheets etc that use colours. It would be great if there was an application that told me if the colour the mouse pointer was sitting over was 'Green' or 'Amber' or 'Red' etc...

I have downloaded and used a product called 'eyePilot', http://colorhelper.com/co...-aware.php which is great, though is limited by the fact that if you want to edit a spreadsheet (for example) you have to switch from one applicaitoj to another i.e. It's great for viewing, but not for using...

Your application 'ColorPicker' does allow me to edit a document whilst giving the RGB info, but I need an aplication to tell me what the colour is, so a mix between the two apps.

So you fancy a challenge, or know where/if such a product exists?

Many thanks for your help,
by Tony Gardener on May 4 2007 12:40am Reply

What color is it? Colour checker...

Great idea for an application and we will certainly keep it in mind for the future. I know lot of people with vision difficulties already use our magnifier and I'd like to add to the range.
by Nico Westerdale on May 8 2007 5:38pm Reply

What color is it? Colour checker...

Another great enhancement to the product would be some "colorblind safe" options that would tell the designer whether the choice of colors will work for colorblind people. This site http://wellstyled.com/too...ex-en.html has some very useful information.


by Andy Jerison on May 30 2007 12:24pm Reply

What color is it? Colour checker...

Hi Tony, like you I am having difficulty finding a colour identifier application - have you found one since this post?
by Kathy Macintosh on Mar 16 2013 9:11pm Reply

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