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Transparent blueprint software for your computer screen that allows you to trace and measure over any application.

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Need a reset on the same sheet


Your software is nearly perfect. As an industrial man working with SEM photos and/or microstructure of metals I, humbly would like to suggest;
- ADD adds (obviously) but I need different measures on same sheet. So there should be a fresh start hotkey...
- After the measurement, there must be a text box about the results of the measurement permanant on the screen. So that, one would see the results of each measurement
- This inquiry is not a must for me but, a loop will be very useful

As I am not a registered user, I will be if you have studies on the first two matters. And believe me that industrial people will start to use.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.
by Olcay Misirlioglu on May 7 2007 4:40am Reply

Need a reset on the same sheet

Thanks for the comments on the applications, you have some great ideas and we'll certainly consider them for the next update.

For now we do have a magnifier that you can use with the applications here:
by Nico Westerdale on May 8 2007 1:19pm Reply

Need a reset on the same sheet

Thank you for your kind interest.

Will I be too much if I ask the time for next version?

by Olcay Misirlioglu on May 9 2007 12:28am Reply

Need a reset on the same sheet

Currently we don't have a date set, sorry I can't be more specific.
by Nico Westerdale on May 9 2007 2:24am Reply

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