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For WindowsScreen Tracing Paper

Transparent blueprint software for your computer screen that allows you to trace and measure over any application.

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Screen Tracing Paper

Greetings to all in the forum...

The Screen Tracing Paper, is an excellent thrid party software system, for custom forex calculations..

We are currently using Neural Network trading platform and live data feed..

Our software does all the difficult calculations for you, but we didnt have the capability for a drawing tool...Trend line, fib. points. time zones,..ect....I teach our clients two trading system using this technique...

With this tool, It enhances our systems performance for our clients, for more opportunity for profit...

and thats what its all about, making our clients money, and happy...

nnfxs team..
by Desron Soboleske on May 18 2007 4:39pm Reply

Screen Tracing Paper

Can you please contact me at Joe@peterbaker.com I have some info for you.

by Joe Cantore on Mar 18 2008 1:42pm Reply

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