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UniTreeView issue


I use UnitoolBox for years now without issues. But, today, I have to replace a VB Treeview with a UniTreeView control. When I do that, the UniTreeView has only 4 events like Lost or GotFocus, and I haven't anymore events like Collapse, Expand or NodeCheck.

It seems that UniListView has similar issue.

Can somebody help me, please?
by Christophe Debray on Jan 12 2010 4:33am Reply

UniTreeView issue

Yes you're correct that the UniTreeView does not have every event that is avialbable on the MS control, however we do have the majority of the events. Appologies for any frustration caused.

by Nico Westerdale on Jan 12 2010 10:10am Reply

UniTreeView issue


Thanks for your answer.

I don't speak about one or two events missing. In my case, when I put this control on a form, I can use only events LostFocus, GotFocus, DragDrop and DragOver.

It seems that the issue come from VB5 (sorry, it's a very old release), because on VB6 it's running well

Thanks again
by Christophe Debray on Jan 12 2010 10:26am Reply

UniTreeView issue

Ah right, yes you will have some problems in VB5, I would not be surprised at that. You should really be using VB6 at this point.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 12 2010 10:30am Reply

UniTreeView issue

IIRC, VB5 listview and treeview already support Unicode (They need some tweaks here and there but they still do.). So you should be fine anyway.
by Deal Dealing on Jan 17 2010 11:56pm Reply

UniTreeView issue


To be more precise, the TreeView version from MS Windows Common Controls 5.0 does support Unicode. What a blessing! The UniTreeView is almost unusable because in addition to compatibility problems, it is *unbelievably* slow.
by Wapper on Jan 20 2010 8:21am Reply

UniTreeView issue

We have benchmarked all the UniToolbox controls and found no major speed problems. Please take a look at the demo apps and you can see more details on how to use the controls successfully.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 20 2010 2:15pm Reply

UniTreeView issue

Quick test results for VB TreeView and UniTreeView:

VB TreeView 501 items fill 0sec. Remove 0sec.
UniTreeView 501 items fill 1sec. Remove 1sec.
VB TreeView 1001 items fill 0sec. Remove 0sec.
UniTreeView 1001 items fill 3sec. Remove 2sec.
VB TreeView 1501 items fill 0sec. Remove 1sec.
UniTreeView 1501 items fill 5sec. Remove 12sec.
VB TreeView 2501 items fill 0sec. Remove 0sec.
UniTreeView 2501 items fill 16sec. Remove 14sec.
VB TreeView 5001 items fill 0sec. Remove 0sec.
UniTreeView 5001 items fill 62sec. Remove 57sec.
by Wapper on Jan 28 2010 10:21am Reply

UniTreeView issue


Same issue here. UniTreeView is unbelievably slow. Any chance you could release an update to the existing controls fixing some of the bugs?
by p z on Oct 19 2011 5:28am Reply

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