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I received the registration number. Now, the program asks that I enter it every time I take an action. I'm running XP SP2. I figure it's unable to save the registration status because the account doesn't have rights to a directory or file.
by Dane Kosaka on Nov 21 2004 11:42pm Reply



I'm sorry that you're experiencing trouble with the Calipers, occasionally people have had problems when using user accounts that do not have full access to the registry. I belive that's the problem that you're experiencing. Please try the following:

- Log on as Administrator

- Click "Start" then "Run" the type "regedit" and click "OK"
(Note that on Windows 2000 use "Regedt32")

- Navigate to:

- Right click this folder and click "Permissions..."

- Click "Add" and type "Everyone" in the textbox
(or just add your user)

- With "Everyone" selected click the "Full Control" checkbox

- Click OK

- Log on as your user and Screen Calipers should register

Let me know if you still have problems.

by Nico Westerdale on Nov 22 2004 6:42am Reply


yeah, but this post was written nine years ago, and XP and Windows 8 are completely different animals. The equivalent key in HKLM\SOFTWARE is called Calipers.IconicoCalipers and creating a subkey of Everyone in that key's Permissions and setting it to Full Control, or for that matter setting every subkey in that folder to Full Control, doesn't solve the problem. This software is no use to me unless I can rotate the calipers through 360°. Is there another key I can create? Thanks –
by Kip Crosby on Nov 9 2013 11:30pm Reply


Just try running the program as an administrator in Windows 8 / 8.1. It seemed to help for me.
by Orrelix Organimus on Dec 20 2013 5:55am Reply

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