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Tabular Data


Had scratched my head to build a custom rule in Java for extracting the tabular data from the text files I have.

A sample of the data is as follows:
tr style="background-color: #eee"
tdbAlexa Rank:/b/td
tdbLink Popularity:/b/td

I have built the following JavaScript source for doing this but its incomplete. Can you help me in completing this code:

DataExtractor.AddHeader(1, 'Alexa Rank:');
DataExtractor.AddHeader(1, 'Link Popularity');

var mt = (document.getElementsByID('myTable').rows[0].innerHTML);

if (mt.length 0) {
for (i=0; imt.length; i++) {
DataExtractor.AddResult(1, mt[i].Alexa Rank);
DataExtractor.AddResult(1, mt[i].Link Popularity);

Thanks in advance!

by Vani Aul on Jun 13 2007 6:36am Reply

Tabular Data


Sorry you're having problems, you should try using the following method, I have not tested it but we often use a similar approach when creating rules:

var cells = document.getElementsByTagName('TD');
var nextRow = -1;
for (var i=0; icells.length; i++) {
obj = cells[i];

//Check for real data and enter it in correct place
if (nextRow -1) {
DataExtractor.AddResult(nextRow, obj.innerText);
nextRow = -1; //reset row counter

if (obj.innerText.trim() == 'Alexa Rank:') {
nextRow = 1;
if (obj.innerText.trim() == 'Popularity:') {
nextRow = 2;

For full rule creating you can use our service here:

by Nico Westerdale on Jun 13 2007 10:03am Reply

Tabular Data

Hello Nico,

Thanks for the sample code, i did try it, But on using that in Data Extractor to extract the td data. I got the following message:

There is an error in "icells"

I think this line in the source has a problem:
for (var i=0; icells.length; i++)

Can u help sort it out. I'll be thankful to you.

Kind Regards,
by Vani Aul on Jun 14 2007 11:24am Reply

Tabular Data

You need a less than sign after the "i". Our online forum strips out less than and greter than signs.
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 14 2007 11:28am Reply

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