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Unitab container and icon problem


I am  experimenting some problems by using the new  VB Controls   from Unitoolbox2 Ocx  recently purchased from  you
 order reference  #ST73369967)

First problem:
- I create a new  unitab control at runtime, and after this I create some tabs
- I create a new grid control at runtime
- I set the grid VB container to the Unitab

i want the TAB panel to show a grid control  whenever  i click on the tab panel.

this is a  simplified  Vb Code example that loads a picture instead of the grid .. but the results are the same

Option Explicit

Private WithEvents CSSTAB As UniTab
Private WithEvents pic As PictureBox

Private Sub pic_Click()
   MsgBox CSSTAB.SelectedItem.Index
End Sub
Private Sub CSSTAB_SelectionChanged(ByVal Item As UniToolbox2.Tab)
   Set pic.Container = CSSTAB
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
     Set CSSTAB = Me.Controls.Add("UniToolbox2.UniTab", "CSSTAB")
   CSSTAB.Font = "@Arial Unicode MS"
   CSSTAB.Move 120, 120, Width, 2600
   CSSTAB.Visible = True
     CSSTAB.Tabs.Add , , "&T&b1"
   CSSTAB.Tabs.Add , , "T&ab2"
   CSSTAB.Tabs.Add , , "Ta&b3"
     Set pic = Me.Controls.Add("VB.PictureBox", "pic")
   pic.Move 120, 120, 300, 300
   pic.BackColor = vbRed
   pic.Visible = True
     Set pic.Container = CSSTAB
End Sub

a) pic is not shown after loading the form
b) pic is shown if I change the tabs, but the event "click" is not fired

As explained the problem are:
If  i "put" the grid into the unitab, it works only at first time.
By changing the active tab panel  i would like the grid control to  be contained in the new tab panel.
To  do this the only way i have found is to "re-associate" the grid to the Unitab.
This  solution seems to work but the result is that  every event fired from the grid  control is lost.

The other problem i found is that: the "tab panel shortcuts keys" like VB:  &Help  (  Help) doesn't  work .
As you can see in the above  Vb code,  i add the shortcuts to "T", "a" and "b" letters  in the three tabs caption.
Even if the shortcut  text (es.: &T ) is shown, it doesn't work
That means i can not use the keyboard to select a  tab panel.

These problems are blocking my development...
Please, could you give me a solution as quick as possible?

by Roberto Codutti on Feb 25 2010 8:01am Reply

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