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extract emails

i have tried to extract the email addresses from 2 different PST files:

1) 1751 messages
2) 2056 messages

the email addresses extracted were 58 for the first file and 256 from the second

I know for a fact that there are hundreds of different email addresses

Any idea


by STEFANO DEMICHELIS on Jul 17 2007 3:03am Reply

extract emails

Good day,
Thank You very much for your interest in "Email Extractor". We've very sorry that You've problems working with "Email Extractor". Let's we will try ascertain with your help - what is the problem. We will be happy to help you solve your problem.
The problem could be because of the following reasons:
- You had wrong database letters the Outlook Express, therefore the process of extraction is suspended;
- You had encrypted files with the letters or protected by another program (maybe Norton (mail protect) or anybody other the program the files defenders);
- You had in the attributes of a letter (in a name letter) contains the text, which don't lets to create a file with an appropriate name:
o file with equal name;
o In a name letter - non-supported languages (china, japan or other). We've supported - English, France and Russian languages.
Now, I have a request to ask of you:
Please run the "Email Extractor" to debug mod, do the same operation, and sent to us log file.
As get a debug log file:
To the "mine.ini" file - change "DebugMode False" at "DebugMode True" into "main.ini" file and save.
Run the "Email Extractor" and do the same operation, which did to past.
After it is will be created a "report.txt" file.

Please send this "report.txt" file to us. In advanced thank You very much.
by Vitaliy (Developer) on Jul 17 2007 6:48am Reply


happy chrismax
by mark dolliry on Dec 10 2007 1:49pm Reply

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