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ColorPic iconOur Windows Color Picker tool has an inbuilt magnifier and allows you to save full palettes of colors.

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Just discovered ColorPic today - I currently use ColorCop

Really impressed with it so far, so here's a few suggestions to make it even better :)

1. Protect the palettes a bit better - it's too easy to accidentally change one of the chips in a palette by mistake. Maybe create a new palette called mypalette-modified as soon as a chip is changed, then have buttons to the right to overwrite, create new palette, or revert?

2. Right-click options on the chips - especially to delete the colour - CTRL-G isn't really that intuitive ;)

3. Drag & drop to grab colours - e.g. click on a chip, drag it off the ColorPic screen to the pixel you want to grab, using the magnifier. Letting go of the mouse button grabs the colour. This is what ColorCop does - really well too.

4. Set a 'colourmark' in the mixer. So for instance if you're on the slider tab, you could mark a colour, grab it, then adjust the H to grab complimentary hues, jump back to the colourmark, then adjust the G to grab complimentary reds/blues.

5. Allow user to type numbers directly into the HSV as well as the RGB boxes.

Not sure if ColorPic is going to replace ColorCop for me - Pic certainly has the potential if you can sort the interface out; Cop does less but is much more intuitive.

But congrats on a great app :)
by Katy Meredith on Jul 22 2007 6:39am Reply


Two additional suggestions would be:

1) Option to start on Startup
2) Minimize to System Tray

Both can be patterned after the options in Calipers.

by Brian Trainer on Sep 12 2007 12:07pm Reply


Minimize to System Tray would be very useful.
Please add this feature.
by Michael on Mar 28 2012 8:59pm Reply


I think suggestion 1 is very essential. Or to have at least the option to reset the palettes! I often reinstall ColorPic due to this issue.

But I have to say I almost could not work (webdesign) anymore without this app. So thank you!
by Toby on Aug 1 2008 8:26am Reply


Well thanks everyone for the suggestions, well worth looking into when we have a chance to.
by Nico Westerdale on Aug 2 2008 5:34am Reply


It would be a great advantage to put my own comments per color chip, e.g. "color1=color from sky" "color2=color from clear cloud" "color3=color from dark cloud", etc... Is this possible?
by Linea 255 on Aug 13 2008 6:49am Reply


Certainly a good idea - thanks.
by Nico Westerdale on Aug 15 2008 5:22am Reply


Yet more suggestions.

1) When selecting a color (with Ctrl+G), automatically and vance to the next empty chip. This would make building a set of comp picture colors much quicker than pressing Fn each time.

2) Change the RGB color copy text box format from "14215660" to CSS format "rgb(100, 200, 300)". This would be more helpful since this is the format W3C recommends.

3) Display the Fn key number in each chip. This would make it easier to navigate. How do I navigate to chips 13 through 16 when I only have 12 function keys?

4) Make the selection point size and magnification control handles easier to distinguish from the tan background -- at least having the magnifier open helps to see them.

5) Add option to copy all color chip codes to the clipboard at one time. This would save time instead of switching back and forth between ColorPic and my editor application.

6) In addition to #5, add option to save all palettes to a text file.

7) For color blind colors, indicate when a color is not distinguishable Also, Add a mixer tab to display for color blind colors.

This is an excellent and helpful tool for web design -- much better than opening PhotoShop just to find color codes.
by Greg on Nov 30 2008 5:17pm Reply


Thanks for the great app. One *major* suggestion, if I may - something that almost made me stop using the app altogether as soon as this happened.

I accidentally hit the Del key.. and deleted an entire palette. No warning, no confirm dialog, it just deletes it. I was so annoyed I instantly started searching for another app. To your credit, I can't find anything else out there quite as useful.

If you could just fix this please... don't let someone delete a palette without some sort of confirmation. You gotta allow for stupid mistakes. :)

Two other less important suggestions:

1. When the app starts, please start up with the last selected palette. And order the palette dropdown list alphabetically.

2. The ability to drag colours around would be nice - that is, to rearrange the palette.

One more thing... if you made this open source, it would evolve a lot more quickly. :)
by Alistair Gloomis on Feb 9 2009 8:31pm Reply


Create a system wide hook, or at least comdlg32 proxy DLL that implements ColorPic as a hook, replacing Windows System's color dialog! Of cource, showing OK/Cancel buttons that way, to act as a generic color dialog replacement!
by Peter Petrov on Aug 22 2012 5:36pm Reply

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