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Line Reader 2.1 Released

Line Reader 2.1 has been released. To update to this new version you will have to quit any previously installed Line Reader version (1.0 or 2.0) if they are running then download and install Line Reader 2.1.

Here are the new improvements implemented in version 2.1:
- the speed of the magnifier window has been improved for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
- the overall speed of the application has been improved for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

by Constantin Florea on Apr 19 2010 12:13pm Reply

Line Reader 2.1 Released

I think that it was quite unprofessional that Iconico, Inc to set up a nagging screen for current users of version 2.0 to upgrade the software by purchasing a new software without giving us a clear choice of how to  get rid of such screen. This was very annoying and I have to put up with the nagging screen for more than a week until I could find to call this people. When I was able to do so,  the man who answered the phone is so rude that is not even funny. I find it a total shame that a company that produce quality software like line reader acts in so an unprofessional manner. I will not be recommending this company based on this unpleasant experience.

Do not shove upgrades down the throat of people that spent money to purchase the previous one in such an aggressive manner and then become rude on the phone when people call for help. That is not way to grow a business.
by Julio Vasquez on Apr 29 2010 11:51am Reply

How To Handle The 'New Version Check' Mechanism


Recently we released Line Reader 2.1 which improves the overall application speed in XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Upgrades to version 2.1 as well as upgrades to any future version of Line Reader are and will be free.

The application has a built-in mechanism for checking for updates. This mechanism is automatically enabled (this is the way the application is installed) which means that when you start Line Reader it will quitely check if a new version is available on Iconico.com and if it is then a popup will appear asking the user if the download page should be opened or not. This update verification mechanism can be disabled by going to the 'Settings' top menu of Line Reader and clicking on the 'Application Settings' middle tab and unchecking the 'Automatically Check For Newer Version'. Don't forget to press either of the two 'Save' buttons to save the settings. Next time you start Line Reader (having this setting disabled), the application won't check for any updates.

To enable the update checking functionality follow the same path: 'Settings' top menu then click on the 'Application Settings' middle tab and make sure the 'Automatically Check For Newer Version' check box is checked. In the end don't forget to press either of the two 'Save' buttons.

Thank you for reading this!
by Constantin Florea on Apr 29 2010 12:45pm Reply

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