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How to remove an installed skin?

Is there a way I can remove an installed Calipers skin?

I don't mean one of the built-in skins that come with the Calipers,
but additional skins downloaded and installed on top of these.  I can't see where these additional skins get installed to, or how they can be removed.  They are not listed in the 'skins' folder under Program Files.

Perhaps as a new feature, add a 'Remove Skin' button to the 'About this skin' window, or something similar?
by Ian Ward on May 3 2010 3:57pm Reply

How to remove an installed skin?

You can just delete the file from C:/Program Files/Screen Calipers/skins
by Nico Westerdale (Test2) on May 3 2010 4:27pm Reply

How to remove an installed skin?

They're not there - at least not all of them, and not the ones I want to remove.  Whereever they were installed to, it wasn't there.
by Ian Ward on May 22 2010 4:31pm Reply

How to remove an installed skin?

I've also now tried uninstalling and re-installing the application, and it and hasn't removed the third party skins I'm trying to remove.  Whereever they are on the disk, it hasn't removed them and seems to be still managing to find them.
by Ian Ward on May 22 2010 5:40pm Reply

How to remove an installed skin?

Do a search for *.caliperskin and that should get it
by Nico User on May 22 2010 6:03pm Reply

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