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Clipstory Sounds and Listener Setup


There are two issues I want to talk about :
1. Where are the sounds Clipstory works with
2. What is the file location or folder location when creating a Clipstory Listener

Regarding the first issue: Since you've installed Clipstory, this means that you automatically have on your computer the sounds Clipstory works with. Actually there is only one sound installed (in version 1.3) and it is called "DingLing.wav".
To show the sound location please do the following: Start Clipstory if it's not already started then go to the Settings button at the top and in the Audio Settings tab press one of the buttons having a "D" inside. This will fill the text above the button with a file path which is the path of the default sound: "DingLing.wav". If you are running under Windows XP you will a path similar to the following:
"C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME_HERE\Application Data\Iconico\ClipboardParserUtility\Sounds\DingLing.wav".

You can also choose your own WAV file to be played when a clip is added to Clipstory and all you have to do is browse for that *.WAV file on your computer. But don't forget to press one of the Save button on the Settings form so that your audio settings will be saved.

As you will see in the 'Audio Settings' section you can specify a sounds to be played for every clip type: Text, Audio, Html, Image, File, Binary.

As an alternative measure, if you go here:
you can download the DingLing.wav sound file and store it anywhere you want on your computer. Then you would use it by simply pointing Clipstory to it (don't forget to press the 'Save' button before quitting the 'Settings' form).

Regarding the second issue with the file and folder locations when defining listeners.
Clipstory can define the following Listeners:
- Text Listener - for this you have to define a file location (see the File fields) where Clipstory will store all text (by appending new text to existing text).
- Audio Listener - for this you have to define a folder path where all audio files will be stored. The folder path you define here must be a normal folder path and must not contain pattern items. Then when defining the files in which the audio clips will be stored you can (and should) use patterns (like &DAY, &MONTH, &YEAR, &GUID and &NEXTNUMBER) and this is because a new audio clip should be stored in a different file (with a different name) than the previous audio clip.
- Image Listener, Web Page Listener and Binary Listener behave exactly the same as the Audio Listener from the file and folder location point of view
- Files Listener - for this you can specify a folder - see "Folder (full path)" field - where all files will be stored and besides this if you want you can also specify a pattern folder which will be appended to the "Folder (full path)" folder. For example you can specify that you want files to be stored in "C:\GatheringFilesFolder" in which case you would use only the "Folder (full path)" field. But if you want to use a pattern folder then you must specify a "Folder (full path)" of "C:\GatheringFilesFolder" (for example) and also specify the pattern folder like &YEAR-&MONTH-&DAY which will cause all your files to be stored in "C:\GatheringFilesFolder\2010-05-18" if the date is 05/18/2010. Tomorrow all your files will be stored under
"C:\GatheringFilesFolder\2010-05-19". The pattern folder can be composed of any combination between the pattern items "&DAY, &MONTH, &YEAR, &GUID and &NEXTNUMBER" and any word you want.


by Constantin Florea on May 18 2010 7:52am Reply

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