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Trial limitation in Domain Extractor Basic


I want to talk about the trial limitation of 10 domains in Domain Extractor Basic.
Actually the correct interpretation is that "there is a limitation of 10 retrieved domains for every parsed URL".

This limitation seems very small if you will use the 'Default Patterns' embedded in the application. But using the default patterns you will be able to find domains like:
- domain1.com
- domain1.net
- domain1.org
- domain1.biz
- domain1.edu
- domain1.gov
- and (for the sake of space): domain1.name, domain1.info, domain1.mobi, domain1.co.uk, domain1.eu, domain1.me, domain1.us, domain1.bz, domain1.tv, domain1.tm, domain1.in, domain1.cc, domain1.cn, domain1.at, domain1.org.uk, domain1.eu.com
- domain1.domain2.com
- domain1.domain2.net
- domain1.domain2.org
....(and so on just like above)
- domain1.domain2.domain3.com
- domain1.domain2.domain3.net
- domain1.domain2.domain3.org
....(and so on just like above)

Let's take three URLs which we will parse (as an example)

Since the limitation is set to only 10 gathered domains per parsed URL, is safe to say that if we would use all the 'Default Patterns' for acquiring the domains from each of the example URLs above then the first three patterns: domain1.com, domain1.net and domain1.org will quickly eat up all the limitation per one URL thus leaving nothing to show for the other patterns which could also generate entries.

To overcome this trial limitation and clearly see how domains are gathered from all URLs (given as example above) you could delete all 'Default Patterns' and leave only the 'domain1.com' pattern which is actually the very first one in the list (right at the top). To do this select all the others and press the 'Remove Pattern' button.

For example parsing the 3 URLs above (given as example) and using only the 'domain1.com' pattern will retrieve all com domains without showing any trial message. If we would use the domain1.net pattern only on the same 3 URLs above we would also obtain all .net domains without any trial message. So for a great number of URLs, using one domain pattern will reveal all that is wanted.

Since Domain Extractor Basic works with patterns this means you can search not only for domains, but given the right pattern you could search for:
- emails
- phone numbers
- postal codes
- etc
by Constantin Florea on May 18 2010 3:01pm Reply

Trial limitation in Domain Extractor Basic

In the previous post I forgot to write about the trial limitation from the 'Web Links Content' tab. Since any first page will eat up the first 10 domains easily, you could check the 'Clear Links When New Page' check box which will ensure that the next page you browse will show the first 10 links.

Indeed 10 links does seem a low number for this section (Web Links Content) and we have plans of increasing it in the next version of Domain Extractor Basic.
by Constantin Florea on May 18 2010 4:23pm Reply

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