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E-mail address not added to Clipstory

I have a fully licensed version of Clipstory, v1.3.

When I select an e-mail address from an old message, that address is NOT added to the Clipstory History list. Why not? I know it's ON the clipboard, because I can paste it into a new message or document. But it doesn't appear in Clipstory, so that I can retrieve it later, after adding other things to the History, which is exactly what I want to use Clipstory to do: store my clipboard items as I mae them.

Is there some special setting I need to activate to allow e-mail addresses to be treated as text and added to the History list?
by CARL B on Jun 3 2010 11:21am Reply

E-mail address not added to Clipstory


First of all I have to ask if you can copy any other elements (text pieces for example) from other documents!

Also could you please let me know which email client created the message you are mentioning, I mean is it from:
- Outlook 2003/2007
- Thunderbird
- or maybe from a web interface such as Hotmail or Yahoo
- or another email client ?

Also could you please tell me what operating system you are using when obtaining the issue above?

Do let me know about the things above and also try the following actions:
- start Clipstory and clear the clipboard using the 'Clear Clipboard' button (top right)
- then copy to clipboard the email address from the old message
- check Clipstory to see if the email message is added or not.
- let me know if this worked

We've tested this for Outlook 2007 (Hotmail and Yahoo) messages and the email addresses are copied correctly.

As a final note: the source from where you copy is not important as long as it is copied into the Clipboard (Clipstory listens to such copy events and stores items accordingly).

by Constantin Florea on Jun 3 2010 1:27pm Reply

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