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XP Styles not working on UniBoxVB12.ocx v1.3.0.1

I downloaded the controls to test them out. All controls except for the ones in the UniBoxVB12.ocx show xp styles with a manifest file.

The frame, option, check and button refuse to. Everything else on the form shows the xp styles correctly. Is there a bug with this one or some trick I am missing to get them to work? Only thread I found on it says it worked for you guys yet not for me.

Any ideas?

To replicate the problem make a new exe project, add a button, and check box. Then add a standard VB button and check. Put in the InitCommonControls code and make the manifest file. Compile and then run the exe. you will see the vb button and check have changed styles while the unitool box ones have not changed.

Thanks :-)
by Anonymous Tester on Jun 8 2010 8:36pm Reply

XP Styles not working on UniBoxVB12.ocx v1.3.0.1

Does anyone reply to this forum any more? Looking at some of the other threads it doesn't seem to be that way.

Shame too, lack of support just cost them a sale. Oh well.

Take care every one.
by Anonymous Tester on Jun 16 2010 5:51pm Reply

XP Styles not working on UniBoxVB12.ocx v1.3.0.1

Sorry for missing your post until now. Yes the XP styles do have difficulties with some of the controls and it's due to a problem with how the manifest file interacts with some of the controls as you mentioned above.

Unfortunately we currently don't have a fix for this.
by Nico Westerdale (Test2) on Jun 16 2010 6:07pm Reply

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